August GmbH | ToolTeam®
ToolTeam is a global marketplace startup where international customers meet suppliers - regardless of the commercial or private background of the interested parties.

My Role
UX / UI Designer, UX Researcher &
Frontend Web Developer

Branding workshops, Re-Design of (front & back end)
UI / UX design in Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, XD and Sketch.

Responsive web design and frontend development of Magento templates in HTML5, CSS3 and JavaScript.

The Problem

The Cologne based August GmbH needed new visual design and UX/UI concept for their ecommerce platform ToolTeam®, communicating trust and value to their international customers. Besides this it was important to increase visibility and revenue by delivering positive experiences to the users throughout the whole customer journey.

The Solution

The old website had been outdated (technically and visually), so we concepted, designed and developed the whole ToolTeam® experience within 6 month with a sustainable increase in new visitors, customer purchases and click rates. By making iterative improvements in front- and backend processes we also increased the loyalty of many returning customers, as well.



UX / UI Design Wireframing & Prototyping
(Adobe XD)

After concepting, creating and building the actual Re-Design of the ecommerce platform, we developed different kinds of functions, to improve the experience of the customers by focussing on single parts and stages like the customer's account, or checkout processes.

Below you can see some stages of early wireframing, prototyping and layouting different parts, showing some features of the website and stages of the customers journey.

The Final Design

To deliver a cohecive and easy to understand interface for the website we decided to use Google's Material Design system as a reference and adopted its visual look and feel. By using the Material Design guidelines it was possible to design and develop the whole page layout and most of the molecules we used in a very short amount of time. We gathered user feedback by adding a short survey to the end of the checkout process and talked to different customers, using their feedback to improve the website iteratively. We also had to work on some of the backend processes to provide a continuous and fast user flow throughout their whole journey.

Below you can see the final design of some of the main pages I created within this project.



Martin Moldenhauer
UX / UI Design & Branding